Better conversations.
Close more deals.
Drive more revenue.
A powerful sales enablement platform that helps companies drive more revenue through a effective way to teach, train and motivate the sales force.
Callrox empowers your team

We give to your team a secret weapon to take control of performance improvement.



Your team spend a limited amount of time every day learning about features and benefits of products, customer profile, market insights, objection handling, competitors, sales skills and everything that can make your team better.

This process happens supported by a verified method of study called Spaced Repetition System (SRS). The premise of SRS is that we tend to remember and learn things more effectively if we spread reviews out over time, instead of studying multiple times in one session.



Welcome to your one-stop shop call review platform. Say goodbye to spreadsheets, obsolete quality assurance systems, CRM improvisations or face-to-face conversations without any kind of knowledge record.

Calls uploaded on the platform are automatically transcribed to text so that we can save your time and give to your entire team the right tool to learn and teach in a collaborative and data-driven way.

Maximize knowledge. Execute better.

The right tool to close more deals and drive more revenue. Faster.


Our spaced repetition algorithm automatically suggests flash cards based on previously-learned content to gloss over content areas where the salesperson has already demonstrated retention in order to enhance learning effectiveness.

Why does this work? Because it’s human to forget things we have learned and were impacted only once. We are here to hack the brain, overcome the forgetting curve and accelerate your sales growth.


Add your customized content in templates to build your own knowledge flash cards. The content is divided in groups like products, sales skills, customer profiles and everything else you think that can improve your team.

You can also bring best sales knowledge to your study plan with our rich library. You have contents like SPIN Selling, The Challenger Sale, Predictable Revenue, Persuasion Techniques and much more.


Learning is most effective when it doesn't feel like learning. It’s more than gamification: it’s about giving you the data, insights and tools to drive behavior change and recognize the best to create a learning and meritocracy culture. Salespeople who are engaged and secure simply perform better.

Get real-time insights about individual performance and engage the team giving badges to reps who achieve the expected results and reward those at the top of leaderboard.

Integrations that make it easy

Use Callrox where you think it will be better. Desktop, mobile, Slack or Salesforce.

The benefits of implementing Callrox

Clone your top performers and accelerate your growth.

Accelerate Ramp-Up Time

Life's too short to waste it on onboarding. Onboard faster than ever with Callrox.

Accelerate the onboard ramp time from months to weeks. Easily create onboarding training programs supported by an efficient method of learning that enables new reps ramp up faster and make them  hit the goal sooner.

Increase Conversion Rate

Transform your good people into great people and get them hitting their quote sooner.

Ensure consistency of speech and produce higher quality people by investing in their success up-front. Callrox allows you to align the knowledge among everyone and clone your top performers by disseminating what they know and do better.
Simple pricing. Works at any scale.

Flexible and tailored to your needs.

Free plan includes:

- Unlimited Custom Cards
- Unlimited Library Cards
- Desktop and Mobile
- Gamification Dashboard
- Analytics Dashboard
- Slack Integration


All Free features plus:

- Smart Call Player
- Call Library
- Custom Scorecards
- Audio Transcription


All Business features plus:

- Salesforce Integration
- API Access
- Single Sign-On
- Two-Factor Authentication